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novembre 6, 2019

Where to eat in Venice?

FOOD AND RESTAURANT WHERE TO EAT IN VENICE?   Finding where to eat in Venice sometimes is complicated, especially if you don’t have time and you didn’t plan carefully where to go. But why? In […]

settembre 1, 2019

Sunset in Venice the Best Places to see it

SUNSET IN VENICE THE BEST PLACES TO SEE IT   First of all you need to know WHEN there’ll be sunset in Venice. This might help you     BEST PLACES TO ENJOY THE […]

agosto 5, 2019

How to move around Venice and its surrounding

HOW TO MOVE AROUND VENICE AND ITS SURROUNDING GUIDE AND HINTS When you arrive the first time in Venice is always difficult to understand how to move around. But also before you come it is […]

aprile 8, 2019

The Top 10 places to visit in Venice

THESE ARE THE TOP 10 PLACES TO VISIT IN VENICE IF YOU COME FOR THE FIRST TIME Venice has a big offer in term of cultural heritage, such as museums, churches, palaces, charming bridges, squares and […]

marzo 22, 2019

Looking for best Gelato in Venice

  HOW CAN YOU RECOGNIZE THE BEST GELATO IN VENICE? Everybody like to eat a gelato, how to find the best gelato in Venice, where you have a big offer of gelato at almost every corner, but […]

marzo 8, 2019

The 5 false information about Venice

  CONCERNING THE 5 FALSE INFORMATION ABOUT VENICE We collected “the 5 false information about Venice” on our experience as local tourist guide,  when many clients asked about certain “aspects” of Venice which were sure to find before coming to […]

marzo 1, 2019

Venice for mobility disables

ACCESSIBLE CITY GUIDE, VENICE FOR MOBILITY DISABLES The old city of Venice might be a nightmare if you come on a wheelchair. even going around with a walking cane it might seems extremely difficult. Why? […]

febbraio 22, 2019

How to walk in Venice

FIRST TIME IN VENICE WHAT TO EXPECT AND HOW TO WALK IN VENICE When you come in Venice the first time you don’t know exactly what you’re going to find here, how many people will be […]

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